Automation for finance.

Fintech covers a field of financial technology including businesses that use technology to enhance or automate financial services.

Built to a higher standard

The “fintech” industry is huge and growing strong. And if we can consider recent venture capital investments in fintech startups, the sector will likely continue maturing in the future.

Widely adopted.

One driving factor is that many traditional banks are active supporters and adopters of fintech, which actively invest, acquire, or partner with fintech firms. As such, those industry players can give their digital customers what the world wants, while also positioning themselves for a bright new future.

Thoroughly researched.

Financial technology apps and services utilize completely different techniques. Some of the newest inventions utilize artificial intelligence, blockchain and data science to do everything from screen credit risks to launch hedge funds. There’s even a whole subset of financial technology called regtech designed to navigate the complex world of financial regulations in industries like — you guessed it — fintech.